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Tips On What to Look for in a Limousine Service Provider

Posted on: August 5th, 2015 by royalcoachmanww No Comments

limo service NJIf you need a limousine service to pick up an important client from the airport or perhaps to get a wedding party from the church to the reception, you want to feel confident that the passengers will have a safe trip with a qualified driver behind the wheel.

In addition, passengers should have a positive experience. As such, the limousine driver should be aware of when guests want to strike up a conversation and when they prefer quiet time. By paying attention to red flags, potential disaster can be avoided.

Things to Watch for

  • Proof of Qualifications – Prior to signing a contract with any limousine company, make sure that appropriate proof of qualification is provided. For example, the company should be able to show that the driver is properly licensed as required by state law, has completed all necessary safety training, and has positive referrals from other customers. 
  • Pricing – An extremely low price is a red flag. Although there is certainly nothing wrong in shopping around for a bargain, when a limousine company comes in with a lowball figure, you should question why. An extremely low price could be an indicator of a scam, so you want to be extra careful.
  • Contract – In addition, never agree to limo services unless you have a professional contract signed by you and the company representative. As part of the contract should be information as to the date of service, destinations, type of vehicle from the fleet, extra amenities being provided, and additional fees, such as airport fees, toll fees, gratuity, and so on.
  • Brick-and-Mortar Location – Before hiring a limousine company, especially if it was found online, take the time to drive by the company’s physical address. Unless you see a building, be wary. A legitimate business will have an actual office where business is conducted. Without a building, big red flags are raised.
  • Vehicle Information – As the customer, you have every right to ask for information on the exact vehicle being hired. This includes the year, mileage, prior accidents, recent maintenance, and so on. If this information is not provided, it could mean that the company is hiding something, possibly something serious.

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