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Tips for Staying Fit While Traveling for Business

If you are a frequent business traveler, it can be really hard to stay in shape. We get it. You are setting off on three or four business trips every month, so how are you supposed to get into any sort of routine?

You certainly can’t hold down a solid gym routine. It’s almost a waste of time having that local gym membership.

On the other hand, you know how important it is to stay in shape. Fitness influences your concentration, mood, and motivation.

This is a problem that a lot of frequent business travelers face and all it takes is a little preparation.

Here are our top tips for staying fit while traveling for business:


Join A Global Gym

Ditch your local gym in for a national or global gym. Gyms like 24 Hour Fitness and Crossfit have over 400 branches nationwide so you know you can fit in a workout wherever you are in the country.

The beauty of this is that you know what you’re getting. It takes out the stress of researching local gyms and being disappointed when it’s full of old, sweaty machines and you are stared at like an out-of-towner instead of just being able to get on with it.


Do Your Research

This is important if you’re going to fit in some exercise on your trip. You should know where your nearest gym is, how long your stay-over is (so you can fit in a quick workout), what’s the best jogging route around your hotel or whatever else will help you get that work out in.


Prepare Your Meals

It’s too easy to “just grab a bite to eat” when you’re traveling for business. I mean, you’re in and out of airports and they’ve only got McDonald’s or Burger King so it’s not your fault. Right?

Well, with a bit of forward planning you should be able to get something healthy to eat wherever you are. Do some research and find a place that makes great salad near the airport. If you are catching a flight, prepare yourself some food to eat before you go through customs.


Don’t Use The Travelators

This one might sound a bit silly, but it’s the small things that will help you stay in shape. If there’s an opportunity to walk a small distance or take the stairs, then take it! Don’t use the travelators.


Try to Work Out Anywhere

Have a workout planned that requires no equipment. The classic sit-ups, push-ups, and star jumps still work! You could even go for a jog around the block. You don’t need a gym to stay in shape.

Alternatively, you can pack a skipping rope or some elastic training weights. They don’t weigh much or take up room in your suitcase.


Stock the Mini-Fridge Yourself

Instead of tucking into the chocolate and alcohol provided, go to your local grocery store and buy some fruit, healthy snacks and water bottles. Give yourself a healthy option.

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