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Tips on Traveling for a Job Interview

Being a company that provides complete chauffeured ground transportation services, Royal Coachman picks up travelers from all over the globe. They come to NY area for various reasons, amongst which are the job interviews.


These agitated, enthusiastic and overwhelmed travelers can relax during their transportation, forget about their worries and just admire the city.  Going to interviews and offsite meetings is quite nerve-racking without taking into consideration all the planning and drama of traveling. But be sure to follow the following tips and you won’t have to focus on anything else but your job interview.



Usually, if a company is interested in meeting with you for a job interview, they are prepared to pay for your travel expenses. In case you have doubts, find out by approaching the issue in a gentle and polite manner. Do not assume that the interested company will compensate your travel expenses. Also, be prepared to cover a portion of your travel costs. Your willingness to invest time going to the interview will demonstrate high interest in the job. Don’t ruin the first impression by appearing greedy.

If they are willing to pay and don’t mind you making your own travel arrangements for the interview, don’t exaggerate with a five-star hotel and first class plane ticket. Paying respect to the company’s resources will ensure you score points with the hiring manager.


Pack Lightly

If your interview is on the same day that you are traveling, pack only your essentials in a handbag, but don’t forget to take with you a backup outfit. This allows you to make any last minute changes if the need arises. A spare wardrobe selection in your handbag is always a good idea for various motives. For example, if you lose your luggage you won’t have to go to your interview in jeans. Or, if you spill anything on yourself, you won’t have to worry. The selected outfits must suit you and help you create the best impression possible.


When traveling for your interview, one of the worst things that can happen to you is to arrive late. You have to know for sure when you must reach the airport, arrive at your hotel or the office. Take your time and plan how you’ll get from your hotel to the interview. Usually, the prospective companies provide transportation for potential future employees. While planning and coordinating your transportation, be sure not to depend only on your cell phone just in case your battery dies or your internet connection is faulty. So, print out your directions and even the details of a reliable ground transportation provider.


Wakeup Plans

To arrive on time for the interview, don’t forget to set as many alarms as necessary: on your phone, computer and even ask the hotel concierge to give you a wake-up call to have enough time to get ready. Avoid the risk of sleeping in and then rushing to the interview. You must be well-rested, prepared and calm by the time you arrive at the job interview.

It is recommended that you take a 45 minutes safeguard period to avoid unexpected problems with your wardrobe, other emergencies or traffic issues. You should also have a healthy breakfast, prepare once more for the interview and then get ready to head out.


Think of the Next Day

When planning your trip, we advise you to book an extra day in the city, especially if you’ll be in New York. If the interview goes well, the interviewing company might want you to meet with others in the company. If it’s not the case, then you can visit the city and decide whether or not it would fit you. The city will fascinate you because of its amazing collection of restaurants, museums, bars and outdoor areas to visit.


We hope that these tips were useful as they are meant to help you forget about stress and let you concentrate only on the interview. If you want to book a car service for your interview in order to be sure you get everywhere on time, you can check our services.


Our offer includes:


CAR SERVICE NJ to make sure you arrive in style to your interview


NEWARK AIRPORT TRANSPORTATION so you can relax after the flight and admire the city on your way to the hotel


As a bonus, we offer you Royal Coachman’s advice on confidence:

Confidence is not “they will like me”. Confidence is “I’ll be fine if they don’t”.

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