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Travel Essentials for Stress Relief

Back in the old days when airports weren’t overflowing with travelers who didn’t know how to dress, business travel was stressful. Today, business travel scores a “10 plus” on the stress meter. Air traffic delays are the norm, and the full flights are uncomfortable as well as annoying. Most airport car and taxi services are uncomfortable, and they can be a long ride to nowhere unless the driver knows where he is going. And at the end of a travel day, business people go to a hotel that creates even more stress. Staying in a hotel room can turn out to be truly unpleasant experience because of the nasty bed covers, stain carpets, small bathrooms, and noisy hotel neighbors. A day in the life of a business traveler is a day of stress, and everyone knows stress is a killer.

So what are the travel essentials that can reduce the stress of going from Point A to Point B to do business? Some folks say carrying a bag of essential oils can relieve the stress of a delayed or canceled flight. The same folks say a little yoga in the morning or at night can put the mind to rest after a day of lost luggage, misplaced travel documents, major car service trouble or just plain jet lag. The travel experts claim planning ahead, and packing tension tamers like Vitamin B12 patches, compression socks, acupressure wristbands, meditation apps, a backup iPhone battery, and a travel luggage scale will do the trick. And let’s not forget the travel pillow and ear plugs. Those two items are just as good as the noise-cancelling headphones.

Women experience more stress than men when they travel, according to federal health studies, so there are essential stress-blockers just for women on the market. Businesswomen like to start a travel day with an aromatherapy routine, or they spend a little time with their pet before they hit the highway. And most women travelers say organizing is the best cure for stress. They have every detail of their business trip in their iPhone, and they plan for the unexpected. The smart businesswomen find a limo company that provides NJ airport shuttle services to relieve the stress of an already agonizing travel adventure.

There is one limo service in NJ that stands shoulders above the other New Jersey limousine services. Royal Coachman is a family owned and operated limo service. The New Jersey-based Royal Coachman Limo Service is one of the top chauffeured limousine services in the world. The company provides airport pickup and destination limo service in more than 600 cities around the world. Royal Coachman has more than 200 employees and a fleet of well-maintained sedans and specialty vehicles that are famous for putting business travelers as well as local clients in a state of tranquility.

Trying to pinpoint the essentials for stress relief that work for everyone can be a challenge. But when people list the things that help them reduce stress, a reputable and reliable limo service is always in the mix. Royal Coachman is the name that comes up the most on those lists.

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