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Travel Tips: 4 Great Headphones for Business Travelers

For this week’s travel tips, we’re focusing on what some people think as an essential travel gadget. When traveling, headphones come in handy for a variety of reasons. As an example, when you are exhausted and on a flight headed home after a week of intense meetings, the last thing you want is to sit next to a chatty passenger. However, it seems this is often how things work. To avoid unwanted conversations, a great pair of headphones helps.

However, headphones are also beneficial when sitting in the back of a chauffeured vehicle. During the drive, you can slip on the headphones to listen to a business-related podcast, catch up on breaking news, prepare for an important presentation, or simply listen to music as a way of unwinding.

Top Rated Headphones

Regardless of how you will use the headphones while traveling, you want to purchase a product that offers clear sound, a comfortable fit, and reliable service. Before purchasing a new set of headphones, consider some of the top features, such as noise cancellation, folding ability, built-in microphone, Bluetooth, carry case, and in-ear versus out-of-ear.

  • Bose QuietComfort 25 – This is one of the best headphones for business travelers. These headphones are extremely powerful, they produce crisp sound, and they offer bright highs without distortion when set on top volumes. The only drawbacks are that the headphones are relatively expensive and, instead of a built-in rechargeable option, they run on AAA battery power. However, the headphones fold up small, making them easy to carry. 
  • Shure SE215 Sound Isolating Earphones – For these headphones, you will enjoy powerful bass, class-leading cable quality, affordable price, and a wide range of sound. Although high frequencies may not be as impressive as with other headphones, these are still an excellent choice. The headphones are comfortable and, with their folding capability, they travel well. 
  • Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones – If you want outstanding build quality and comfortable ear cups, these headphones are perfect. In addition, the headphones offer balanced sound with a tight bass, and they have a detachable cord design. Unfortunately, the headphones are also somewhat bulky, but even so, they have a rugged exterior and affordable price
  • Beats Studio Wireless – For just under $400, you might also consider these headphones for business travel. The headphones connect using Bluetooth and have noise cancelation along with strong bass tones. Just one USB charge will last up to 12 hours. In addition, there are control buttons located on the frame so you can toggle between tracks easily. 

Comfortable Transportation

Along with purchasing a quality set of headphones for business travel, you can reach various destinations easier by hiring a reputable limousine company like Royal Coachman Worldwide. While the chauffeur handles driving, traffic, and parking, you can enjoy your new headphones.

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