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Travel Tips: Best Staycations in New Jersey

Unique from a conventional vacation, a staycation consists of staying home rather than traveling. It is the perfect opportunity to spend some time relaxing at home or visiting local attractions. The benefits of staycations compared to traditional vacations include that they are more affordable, there is less fuss, and legal documents, like passports and visas, are not required.

Having Fun in New Jersey

The opportunities for staycations in New Jersey are almost endless. Here are our travel tips with some examples:

  • County Fairs – County fairs are great staycation options. You and the family can enjoy entertainment from local and national stars, watch rodeos and other fun activities, and eat good, old-fashioned country foods.


  • Hiking – New Jersey offers several great places to hike and explore. All you need is a few items for safety, water, good hiking shoes or boots, and time.


  • Dinner and a Show – You might consider dinner at a fun restaurant followed up with a movie. To make the occasion even more special, choose a drive-in theater.


  • Lighthouse Exploration – Jersey Shore boasts seven fabulous lighthouses. On your staycation, take your family to do a little bit of exploring, learn about lighthouses and their history, and appreciate the panoramic views.
  • Beach Time – Your New Jersey staycation can also consist of spending time at the beach. You have a number of great options. To make the day even better, pack up a lunch and bring along things for outdoor activities, like a Frisbee, volleyball, or even metal detector.
  • Living History Farms – To teach kids about farm life and animals but also for a day of fun, you can visit New Jersey’s Living History Farms. Everyone is sure to remember these hands-on experiences.
  • Arboretums – New Jersey also has a number of arboretums, which are great for spending quality time in nature. You can all take a long hike or get involved with fun programs and scavenger hunts.
  • Liberty Science Center – Spending time at the Liberty Science Center is another fun yet educational staycation activity in New Jersey. Although the exhibits change frequently, they are all exciting. 

Special Transportation

Since you will save money by not traveling far from home, you can surprise the family with a chauffeured limousine ride. Having a limo take you around to several different destinations will add to the overall staycation experience.

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