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Travel Tips: The Importance of a Good Chauffeur

Travel can be both an exciting and stressful experience, especially when visiting a new location for the first time. Driving in an unfamiliar city – perhaps in a rental car – can increase this stress considerably. One way to reduce this anxiety is to hire the services of a quality chauffeur.


How can you benefit by hiring a car service while visiting New Jersey? Consider a few of the ways a personal chauffeur will make your travels more enjoyable.


Avoid the stress of inaccurate directions. Even the best GPS mapping system may be unaware of new construction, detours, road closures, or address changes. Consulting a GPS device or written directions while driving can be distracting to the driver. Rely instead on a knowledgeable chauffeur to get you to your hotel, show you the sights, and perhaps even to suggest nearby restaurants and attractions.


Get to your appointments on time. Our chauffeurs are familiar with traffic patterns and alternate routes, so even when the unexpected occurs, they can get you to your destination in a timely fashion. If you are traveling for business purposes, this is sure to make a positive impression on both your employer and clients.


Enjoy more time to kick back and relax. By some estimates, the average American spends more than thirty-four hours per year caught in traffic congestion. Whether traveling for pleasure or for business, reclaim some of that time by letting one of our experienced chauffeurs handle the driving. From the back seat, feel free to read a good book, surf the net, or catch up on some shut-eye. Let your travel time be an integral part of your vacation.


What Makes a Good Chauffeur?

When you include our New Jersey limo service in your travel plans, you can be assured of a quality limo or car service experience. We take pride in our team of professional chauffeurs, who outstandingly display the following qualities:


Unparalleled customer service. Our chauffeurs are always respectful, professional, polite and courteous. They take what they do seriously, and are therefore willing to go out of their way to make you, the customer, happy. Don’t be surprised when they help with your bags, hold your umbrella, and open doors for you, all with a smile.


Knowledge. It is said that knowledge is power, and our chauffeurs agree. They are armed with enough mechanical knowledge to correct small, unexpected problems that may arise, such as a flat tire. This will ensure that you receive the service you deserve and get to your destination on time. Also, feel free to ask your chauffeur about the local area. He will be happy to share his knowledge and experience of local eateries and attractions with you so that you can make the most of your time in the great little state of New Jersey.


A professional appearance. Our chauffeurs stand out in a crowd because they always display dignity in their dress, grooming, and decorum.

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