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Travel Tips: Ways to Cut Back on Travel Expenses

Even though the economy has stabilized and businesses are doing well, it is still important to keep the cost of corporate travel to a minimum. By doing so, money can be invested or spent in areas that are deemed more critical. By making a few simple changes, many companies have decreased the amount of money spent on travel substantially.

Keep in mind that spending less on travel does not necessarily compromise business. If done correctly, you can still reach around the globe to foster existing business relationships and form new ones, thereby allowing the business to grow.

The four travel tips mentioned for reducing the amount of money spent on corporate travel are considered excellent and are proven to work.

  1. Discounts – By investing a little time with research, you will be amazed at just how many discounts are available for business travel. For example, when you book a flight, ask the airline representative about corporate discounts. The same is true for rental car companies and hotels. Most offer discounts as much as 25% when asked. Discounts are also offered through various websites and through specific company programs. An example is with a product called ChangeGuard. With this protection program, you can make as many changes as you want to an airline schedule without being charged outrageous fees. 
  1. Regional Airports – Many times, the cost of airline tickets, as well as sales tax and transportation, is much lower when using regional airports as opposed to international airports. Most of these airports are designed to cater to traveling executives by offering better fares, shorter check-ins, and an outstanding travel experience while still ensuring top security.
  1. Train Travel – Usually the first mode of transportation considered by corporate executives is air, but you will find that trains are another viable option. Although the cost of taking a train is less expensive, you will still enjoy a very comfortable trip. Along with spacious seats, modern trains are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and upscale amenities.
  1. Advance Booking – Regardless of how you prefer to travel on business, you will save a significant amount of money by booking the tickets in advance. Although this is not always possible, whenever you can, try to book at least 30 days out. By doing so, you will spend less and, more than likely, get better seating. 

Ground Transportation

Another smart move as a corporate traveler is to use the services of a reputable limousine company. A chauffeured ride is cost-efficient, safe, and enjoyable. If you are traveling with other people, limousine companies have a wide range of vehicles in the fleet to accommodate different group sizes.

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