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The unique benefits of a private jet

If you want to enjoy your corporate travel experience but also want to be efficient, you must try to streamline your schedule and minimize your stress. Unfortunately, as soon as your executive trip begins, you realize that you may have to deal with a series of sudden and unpleasant events, such as late cabs and planes or the chaotic atmosphere of the airports.

It is a well-known fact that executive travel is one of the most stressful events in a professional’s life and you may end up planning each detail of a trip many weeks beforehand. Even after you board your flight, many things can go wrong, like being seated beside someone who won’t allow you to get any work done, getting sick from the food or not being able to rest comfortably in the small airplane seats.

If you have often been bothered by these problems, then maybe it’s time you use a private jet. Below you will find four benefits you can only have by choosing a private jet for your corporate travels.

Make the Right impression

There is no better way to entertain clients on your business trips than with a private jet. A private jet is also important when meeting your clients for the first time as it communicates a certain status and prestige while, at the same time, helps your potential clients make an idea of you and the company you represent. By removing the inconveniences of ordinary travel and, instead, providing them with a truly unique experience, they will get to know you and the benefits a business partnership with you will bring them.

Conquer More Ground

Today’s business world is demanding, time-consuming and changing at a rapid pace, often requiring you to travel between a couple of cities over a short period of time. Trying to accomplish a multi-city tour is nearly impossible with commercial flights. If you do succeed, you will find yourself in a less than ideal condition – delirious, exhausted and barely functional.

So, if you want to travel easier and enjoyable from destination to destination without the nuisance of airport terminals, cover more ground during business trips, not be bothered by annoying fellow travelers to avoid getting slowed down by the confusion of a foreign city, we recommend you book a private jet.

Get More Work Done

When regularly traveling for business, you have a lot of work that needs to get done before your flight is over. Unfortunately, your productivity will suffer as commercial airplanes and airport terminals are a constant source of loud noises, distraction and discomforts. So, by having to cope with the inherent issues of the air travel world, you will not be able to get your business work done.

Booking a private jet removes those issues and offers you the comfort, privacy and solitude needed to focus on your assignments and get things done. A private jet’s atmosphere is of great help when on a tight schedule and having to cope with your workload.

Regardless of your experience with corporate travel, a private jet would undeniably make the life of the traveling executive more enjoyable, more efficient and altogether easier. Each business trip is demanding but, with a private jet at your disposal, those demands suddenly become less glaring.

Royal Coachman Worldwide offers safe and reliable transportation for travelers who need to fly into all area Metro NY/NJ airports including JFK, Newark, Morristown, LGA, Teterboro and other private airports throughout the world.

Royal Coachman’s private aviation service is available for groups of any size.

Though flight conditions may differ, our ground transportation and private aviation team offer high quality service with the help of our dispatchers, experienced reservation agents, chauffeurs and other transportation planning specialists.

Our limousine customers are provided by Royal Coachman’s private aviation group with the highest level of service and our chauffeurs are always punctual.  All of Royal Coachman’s chauffeurs receive full training and are familiar with or have knowledge of all of the New Jersey, regional, national, international airports and all other destinations where they serve.

Both pleasant and professional in appearance, Royal Coachman’s chauffeurs are well-informed about restaurants, local business and entertainment venues at your destination, and will tend to your needs while ensuring that you have the safest and most enjoyable trip possible.

Royal Coachman has distinguished itself by offering reliable, safe and professional airport transportation, for both executives or business travelers. We aim to always provide a safe and comfortable ride to every Royal Coachman customer.

Book your reservation today.

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