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Ways to recover after Thanksgiving if you are a busy executive

You need it. A cup a green tea instead of the eggnog it’s what better suits you after the Thanksgiving feast. It takes certain steps to make your body and mind feel in shape after a food and alcoholic avalanche.

Recovery means getting back to your old healthy habits and getting rid of all the extras gained in your Thanksgiving Weekend binge.

While many of us hit the gym, and engage in long workouts, others don’t have the same appetite for sports or, in case you’re a businessperson, a certain amount of time to work out is completely inexistent.

Business executives must come up with creative ways to get back on track after Thanksgiving, so this is about them. We gathered a few smart and little time-consuming tips that a busy executive could practice and feel in shape again ready for an exhausting and a busy schedule. In fact, these tips and tricks are recommended for a healthier way of life when you are a busy business person.

#1 Switch to tea

Green tea, Peppermint tea with Lemon, Rooibos tea choose the one you enjoy best for a while and replace or adjust your caffeine dose. We know that the smell of the coffee makes you feel good in the morning and having a coffee with your team is a good way to unwind, but you need some restraint.

After Thanksgiving, more than ever you need a little detox, start with this. Besides, you can have the same unwinding experience with tea too; New Jersey is home to many local tea rooms, tea parlors. You can hold your team meeting there just to make sure you are not tempted to order a strong, no sugar cup of coffee.


#2 Eat an apple a day

Every time you take your NJ Limo and ride comfortable in the back seat with the newspaper, try to synchronize that with eating an apple. One a day because this fruit can do more than keep the doctor away. For example, the apples contain powerful antioxidant, vitamins C, and B-6, which keep your cholesterol levels low and slash your risk for heart disease. If for some reason, you can’t eat apples, try the bananas. This humble fruit helps you increase your energy level, burns the fat, and stabilizes the blood sugar the least. Find out more about what nutritionists say about bananas.


#3 Obey the 80% rule

Well, we know that almost every day you attend a business luncheon or a dinner. You can’t always order a salad while your business partner orders a 3-course meal. The etiquette says that you need to keep up. Otherwise, he would feel uncomfortable while he’s eating and you are watching him eating. For these situations, you can choose to obey the 80% rule. Originally for Japan, this method is called hara hachi bun me and means “Eat until you are eight parts (out of ten) full.”

#4 Switch to a standing desk

Quick count, you sleep 7 hours a night, spend 8 to 9 hours sitting at your desk, and that equals an overwhelming amount of our time being sedentary. British Studies say that if you stand for just three hours of your day, in one year you’d expend more than 30,000 extra calories, this amounts to about 8 lbs of fat! We say that it’s about time to redecorate your office with a standing desk.


#Drink a lot of water

Maintains your balance of body fluids, energizes your muscles, helps your skin looking better, helps your kidneys, for the productivity boost, these are few reasons for you to know for sure that water consumption is a must.

Drink lots of water, now and make it a habit also, it is a fatigue buster.

Whether you choose a ride to the office or a ride to a business meeting, Royal Coachman’s NJ Limo has at least one bottle of water to offer you.

Because we know that being a busy executive and keeping healthy habits is sometimes a stretch, we take care of you offering you a safe ride and sustain healthy habits by providing, at request a fresh bottle of water.

Keeping healthy habits when you have a busy schedule is hard but is important. Royal Coachman is always a trusted a reliable partner whenever you need one.

Book you NJ Limo ride and choose a partner that is always on your side.

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