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Does wearable technology have a place in Business Travel?

Posted on: February 7th, 2017 by royalcoachmanww No Comments
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For the most part, wearable technology can perform the same tasks that laptops and smartphones can. It can also outperform in some areas. Wearable technology has a tendency to be more sophisticated that laptops and mobile devices. Popular wearable tech such as Google Glass and Apple Watch can provide scanning as well as sensory features, which are not available on handheld devices. That said, anyone in need of our New Jersey limousine services for pleasure or business knows that one of their top priorities is 21st century technology that allows for a seamless experience. Wearable technology fits the bill for those who want to personalize their business travel to specific requirements.

It is common consensus that adoption of technological devices is for the most part beneficial to the average person’s life. For business travelers interested in New Jersey limo service, there is an offshoot of technology that goes hand on wrist i.e. wearable tech. No other sector is as engaged with wearable technology, probably because businessmen who travel often need it most. But what are the benefits of wearable technology?

Access important information

For starters, it allows business travelers to easily access information and contacts on the go, which equates to a stress-free travel experience. In addition, smartwatches have paved the way for mobile boarding passes and that’s just the beginning. The future could see things like physical visas and paper passports becoming obsolete. Credit cards could also be undermined by wearable technology that has changed how business people pay for transactions.

Tap to unlock

Some hotels and resorts offer apps that eliminate the need for physical room keys. Such apps can be accessed using wearable tech and provide important information about their stay. Unlike before when one had to keep a key card, consumers can now access their rooms with a single tap of the wrist.

Easier communication

If you want to talk like a local, wearable technology can help you. Availability of applications that allow you to translate dozens of languages on the go are a God-send. Some even come with an offline dictionary and quizzes to help you improve your linguistic skills.

Navigate unfamiliar surroundings

Wearable technology also makes it easy for business travelers get to where they need to go by helping them navigate unfamiliar surroundings. Some apps even give information on the fastest routes to your destination, which comes in handy when utilizing our airport service in Newark. Perhaps the best thing is that these apps deliver a gentle vibration on your wrist when you arrive at your destination.

Our take on wearable technology and business travel

While there is still some debate on the practicality of wearable technology when traveling, it’s hard to ignore its benefits. That said, it will take a while for it to become a normal practice among business travelers. At Royal Coachman, we believe that wearable tech is already transforming and revolutionizing the ideals o customer experience. From booking hotels and travel messaging to managing itineraries, there are so many customer needs that wearable technology can help meet.


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