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Why Does Communication Break Down In the Work Environment?

Posted on: April 2nd, 2014 by royalcoachmanww No Comments

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If your workplace does not communicate effectively, not much is going to get done. Managers will not know what problems exist, employees will not be able to show any initiative and the entire environment will become inefficient. This post will help you to understand the most common reasons that communication breaks down.

Talk with, or at?

A common problem that people have is, regardless of their intent, that they talk at people. They tell people what they expect or what is going wrong. They don’t build a rapport or find out the reasons why things are going wrong; talking with. This is not communication. It can often be a simple matter of perception, consider the effects of these two sentences: ‘You need to start doing this right’, or ‘ let’s figure out why this is not working as well as it might and how we’re going to fix this together.’ One leaves space for communication the other does not.

Invest time

Building up communication takes time. It’s built on trust and shared experience – knowing that people will follow through on what they say and are interested to hear what is being said by subordinates. As a manager, you should invest time in building up communication when things are going well, so you’ve got a base for when things are not.

The right time, the right place

As has been observed above, a crisis may not be the best time to start being candid with each other.  It’s also important to realize the importance of the environment. People are very conscious of this, even if managers are not. Any sort of reprimand should not be issued in public, as it is unlikely to lead to a desirable outcome. However, praise should be delivered in public.

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