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Why Lack of Sleep is Ruining Your Productivity and What to Do About It

So, you’re used to burning the candle at both ends when it comes to your work – staying up late to finish those important last-minute tasks and rising early to get a head start on what the day has in store. Sleep is for people who aren’t as busy as you, right?! Here’s why you might be wrong.

  • You’ll get burned out more quickly

Whilst it may seem like more hours in the day will help you complete more tasks, your body needs the chance to recharge during sleep so that you can perform these tasks to the best of your ability. Not enough sleep and you’ll be burned out, lethargic, and unable to complete your work as you want.

  • Lack of sleep can lead to health issues

Health hazards associated with lack of sleep include anxiety, depression, headache, skin ageing, and weight gain, but a chronic lack of sleep has even been linked to increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

  • You’ll make more mistakes

If you’re not getting enough sleep you’ll be more forgetful, find it harder to concentrate, and struggle to make balanced decisions. All this can lead to mistakes which you will then spend even more time rectifying, killing your overall productivity.

So, if you’re worried about the effects that lack of sleep might be having on your productivity, try these easy steps to help solve the problem, starting today…

  • Shut down and unplug

Try not to let your tech into areas of your life that are for relaxing and winding down. Shut down your laptop, turn off that work phone, and don’t be tempted to lie in bed checking your emails.

  • Do some exercise

Exercise not only helps take your mind off the stresses of your work, it will also tire your body to allow you to drift off more easily at the end of the day – perfect if you often struggle to fall asleep when your mind is racing.

  • Use an app

There are numerous apps now available to help you drift off and get quality sleep, utilizing a range of different methods from timed reminders, to relaxing music, to neurolinguistic programming, to cycle tracking. Try top-rated apps such as Sleep Genius, Pzizz, or Sleep Cycle.

  • Make a compromise

You simply can’t have the best of both worlds – consistent late nights and early mornings will lead to burn out. If you must stay up late, then try to specifically plan to give yourself more time to rest in the morning, or vice versa.


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