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Would You Land or Depart at a Remote Controlled Airport?

We can always expect that there will be technological innovations when it comes to transportation, and it’s a good idea to learn about them as soon as we can, so we can prepare for the changes. From the days of horses and buggies to an era when private citizens can actually pay money to go into orbit and stay on a space station, new developments are constantly emerging that we need to keep our eyes on.

For example, a Swedish airport is now experimenting with remote-controlled operations. At Örnsköldsvik, an airport in the north-east region of Sweden, they do not use an air control tower. Instead, they take advantage of the Remote Control Tower System, which was developed by Swedish security and defense firm Saab.

At Örnsköldsvik, digital cameras send high definition images along with real-time data about the airlines seeking to take off and land to a remote control office for air traffic, located in Sundsval.

In the remote office, operators can pan and tilt the cameras to get a better view and process more details from microphones, meteorological sensors, signal light guns and other sources. Workers view the planes on their monitors and hear the sound of them descending to the runway over a stereo system for greater clarity.

The futuristic remote system includes such features as object tracking (which uses computers to help keep tabs on equipment in the sky), night vision, image enhancement and timely alerts for the human operators. Traffic controllers also have quick access to statistics about the planes they are overseeing and guiding.

Other airports from around the world are preparing to start using similar remote control technologies. Another RTC is set to be implemented at Leesburg Executive Airport in Virginia. South of the border, an RTC will be installed at the Mexico City International Airport, where they are also working to make the facility as energy efficient as possible.

Whether you are taking off from an airport staffed by humans or one that relies upon the service of mechanical robots, it’s always good to arrive in comfort and style in a limousine driven by a professional chauffeur.


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