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You Can Be An Introvert and Speak Well in Public

Posted on: April 9th, 2014 by royalcoachmanww No Comments

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For those of us who are not the most natural networkers and extroverts there can be a certain frustration: We know our potential, but some wise guy with a loud mouth can seem to be getting a much easier ride. Our natural disposition should be no limit on what we’re capable of, this short post gives introverts a few ideas to boost their public speaking prowess.

Speaking in public

This can be an introvert’s worst nightmare. It’s also a very important part of building a personal brand – but a lot of the time your fear is simply a result of your mind playing tricks on you. However, people come to your speaking events because they want to learn more about you and what you’re talking about.

You can mitigate the issues by following a couple of strategies but first and foremost preparation and rehearsal will see you on the safest course possible. If you’re really concerned and maybe out of practice, you can take some pressure off by using quotes or just lengthening the Q&A session.

Practiced appearance

You need to appear, at least, relaxed – many professional speakers have developed a bit of a ritual to ensure that they look relaxed. When practicing, practice your walk on; until it’s confident and effortless. This sets the tone and people will make a very quick judgment in the first 7 seconds, so apply your prep-time accordingly. Once front and center, take a little time if you need to for notes (use an alluring image on the screen behind you, if you’re worried about all those eyes on you).

When it comes to talking, look slightly over your audiences’ heads and try and ensure you’re talking to everybody by appearing to make eye contact with all your audience members. Some of the most nervous speakers are actually the ones that are walking about, talking to everybody up close and personal; it’s a kind of ‘the best form of defense being offense’. So see what works for you.

We hope that this short post gives you some ideas about how to speak better. While we may not be able to ensure you speak well, as one of the Nation’s top 50 Limousine Companies, we can get you there in the right style. Based in New Jersey and operating, in New York, the Metro Area and worldwide, Royal Coachman is the ideal solution for your ground transportation needs. We respect and value our relationships with many exceptional business and private clients. What’s more, we always try to understand where you’re coming from, so call us today to start a productive and prosperous business relationship.

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